temas ısıtmalı termoform makinesi

Contact Heating Thermoforming Machine


This Shallow Former model contact heating thermoforming machine makes a variety of thin gauge food containers from a wide range of materials such as PET, PP, HIPS, BOPS and PVC.

Contact Heating Thermoforming Machine ( Shallow Former model ) pulls sheet into the contact heating platen without a chain index and heat oven which saves energy and space. Contact Heating Thermoforming Machine also avoids sheet sagging in the oven and make the process easier.

The top moving platen is driven by servo motor, linked to the mechanical toggle system to give a motion control and precise positioning.
The fix bottom platen consists of four layers:
– The 1st plate is the surface plate, which has thousands of tiny holes for air blow forming
– The 2nd plate has flow channels for controlling the form air pressure
– The 3rd plate has mounted heaters for heating the sheet
– The 4th plate is insulated.

There are multiple control zones matching the forming mold sizes, a safety light curtain is mounted in the entrance and exit of the forming station and safety guards surrounding the forming area. The air “on/off ” switches are for the zoned area of air precision control in the bottom platen. Quick tool changes make the production flexible and cost saving.

The formed sheet is gripped and transferred the predetermined length by the reciprocating timing belt driven system. It could conjugate with the cross flying cutter which cuts the whole web off then accumulates into the stacker. An off-line trim press can process these stacked shots separately. A mark in the edge is made by a continuous on/off edge mark puncher to identify the quantities easily for the stacks and off-line production. For mass production it is also available for in-line process with vertical trim press.

This Shallow Former model thermoforming machine makes it possible to provide thin gauge products the most suitable solution for the various shallow containers production needs in the food packaging industry.

MODELContact Heating Thermoforming Machine - 1100
ConfigurationContact Heating Platen
ApplicationShallow Containers for Thin Gauge Sheet of BOPS; HIPS; PET etc.
Forming MethodVacuum / Pressure Forming
Forming DirectionUpper Sheet Forming
Maximum Sheet Width1,100 mm
Maximum Forming Area1,050 x 1,050 mm
Minimum Forming Area 700 x 700 mm
Max. Depth of Draw50 mm
Forming Tonnage75 tons
Shut-height55-150 mm
Platen Travel150 mm
Max. Dry Cycle Speed35 cycle/min
Top Platen DriveAC Servo Driven Toggle Linkage
Sheet IndexAC Servo Driven with Grip Pull System
Products CuttingInline Vertical Trim Press or Off-Line with Hydraulic Cutting Machine
Control SystemYASKAWA PLC with Touch Screen
Floor Space8 m (L) x 2.5 m (W) x 3.5 m (H)