Thermoforming molds with convex surfaces are named as male or positive mold and with concave cavity surfaces are named as female or negative molds. For high volume production molds have to be made of aluminium. Aluminium molds contain water channels for better cooling. Cooling ratio and temperature control affect the shrinkage and other criterias of the thermoformed part.

Force needed to form the part within the mold can be either vacuum (negative pressure), positive air pressure or a combination of both. The types of force used depends on the material type, size and thickness, the mold material and design, product aesthetics, final product size and the annual production volume.





Insert :

If needed we offer changable insert to our customers.

– With these changable insert you will spend less time and labor force.
– Insert provide you production with different sheet and dimensions on the same complete mold set.
– By doing so you can get numerous different products


Magnet :

You can design your engraving on the magnet which is mounted on the base. If needed we offer changable magnet to our customers.